End of line systems

Process technology in grinding, mixing and containment


Ideal to meet the production needs of various sectors such as: pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic

grinding mills

They can be used to grind various materials: fibrous, hard, hard, crystalline, brittle, wet, fatty and heat sensitive.


Diseñado para lograr una finura particularmente alta, este molino ofrece la posibilidad de obtener tamaños de partículas incluso por debajo de 5 micrones.



Designed to achieve a particularly high fineness, this mill offers the possibility of obtaining particle sizes even below 5 microns.


horizontal / vertical mixers

Mixers are widely used for various applications in: chemical, pharmaceutical, food and mining industries.

filling units

The feeding units are used in many sectors, such as food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.



Simple but robust design , shredders are especially suitable for reducing lumps or blocks of soft and semi-hard materials down to a few centimeters